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December 1, 2014 --

Special Announcement from Marc Sankey, EFM Vice President

After I had spent almost 20 years serving as pastor and missionary with the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches, God led my family to Bedford, Indiana in 2011. Bedford became a respite for me and my family after coming home from the mission field.

We were drawn to Bedford for 3 primary reasons: a wonderful Christian school for our children, a strong church for our family to attend and a great set of grandparents for our family to enjoy after years of not living in the same area. The final piece fell into place when EFM invited me to join their team when we returned from mission work in Mexico.

These almost 4 years have been filled with gratifying ministry for me personally. I love EFM and have the greatest respect and admiration for this stalwart missions organization. The leadership from President and Board of Directors to the missionaries and office staff have been a fabulous team with whom to serve. I honestly believe the best days are ahead for EFM!

However, since early in 2014 Melodie and I began to sense that God may have another step for us to take inside His will. We began to feel unsettled and prayed that God would give us clear direction as we moved forward. Towards the end of the summer, we both were convinced that God was asking us to take a step of faith and leave Bedford in May of 2015 at the end of the academic year for our children. This was a very difficult decision for me to make because I love EFM and have heavily invested myself into this wonderful organization. When we made the decision to leave, we had no offer from any church, organization or ministry. It was an exercise of our faith as we trusted God for our future.

In late August I informed President Hight of our plans to leave. I have a great personal relationship with him and so while it was difficult to communicate this to him, he very graciously understood and we determined to move unitedly ahead for the remainder of my time at EFM.

Recently, I received an invitation from the Florida Evangelistic Association to interview for a position in that organization. After praying much, I agreed to interview for the role of FEA President at their November 2014 board meeting. Soon after that interview, I was contacted by current FEA President Sidney Grant and was officially offered the position beginning in July 2015. I knew this was God's hand at work in our life and so I accepted.

FEA and EFM are sister missionary agencies who have served side by side for many years. The relationship between these two organizations can accurately be described as cordial and cooperative. I anticipate that kind of relationship to only be strengthened and solidified in the years ahead.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will oil this transition with His abundant grace and wisdom.

Marc Sankey

December 1, 2014

We Will Miss Marc!  -- Steven E. Hight, EFM President

Evangelistic Faith Missions, and I, personally, will miss Marc Sankey when he departs next summer.

Marc brought to EFM a passion for missions – and for doing missions right! – as well as a passion for ministry and for good preaching.  He is an excellent preacher and very good organizer and administrator. He has vision and the ability to make plans that carry him toward the goals that he envisions.  He has been an effective representative of our mission in churches and camp meetings, and has done a good job of making contact with missions students who are potential candidates for our mission fields.

Marc and I have enjoyed a growing camaraderie, sharing an interest in words, books, and theological discussion, as well as in missions and the work and future of EFM.  He has been a bright and positive presence in our office.

We will miss Marc when he leaves us. FEA will gain a fine “living stone” to insert into their growing “building” as they move into a promising future.  We as a mission, and I as president, wish both FEA and Marc Sankey the very best as they serve God and the great work of missions.


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