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Below:  Matching Fund update (9/10/2014), Kenya photos, Podcast information

Schaper Family Update:

As you know we returned recently from our exploratory trip to Kenya. We had a wonderful time and came back with a true love for the people and Kenya in general.

We went with a lot of questions and, Praise the Lord, we returned with many answers, but we also came home with more questions than before we went.

Some of these questions will take time to answer. For example, is it best to set up a mission station in the remote place we were staying in, or would it be better to be in the small town just three kilometers from there? There are also other things that need to be explored more fully before we go full term. When you go to a new place, you can’t possibly know everything that needs to be assessed.

So the bottom line is - we *were* anticipating going to Kenya for our first term in 2015, but the EFM board thinks it’s best that we (our family and EFM) continue to explore those questions over the next 12-18 months before our family goes full term. Keith and Marc Sankey will be making a trip(s) over as needed to get the information we need before setting up a mission work in Kenya.

We are very thankful to be working under a mission organization that is looking out for us. They are not pushing us to go before all the details are worked out. They understand that starting a new work takes time and are willing to take that time to make sure the work is exactly where God wants it to be and in His timing. They are not interesting in spending the money *you* have graciously given for Kenya before every stone is turned and they are certain of the exact location God wants His work to be established.

So are we discouraged? 

I’ll put it this way. You know when you plant a garden and you can already taste the tomatoes and you want your garden to hurry up? It’s kind of like that - we are SO excited, because we want to go *right now*!!!! But just like the garden it needs to be tended and watered and cared for, before we taste the tomato. Kenya needs a little more preparation work before we can “taste” the benefits of living and working in Kenya.

But here’s where it gets exciting! If you have heard our story of how God called us into missions, you will remember that we were first interested in a school in Guatemala. The mission board said they were not sending full time missionaries to that field….we thought surely we had missed God’s will somewhere along the line. At that time, there were qualified Guatemalans that were stepping in and working in the school, which is what missions is all about - training the people of that country to carry on the ministry and eliminate the need for missionaries.

Late last year, the director of the school was diagnosed with cancer and went to her reward in Heaven about six weeks ago. This has left a very urgent need for the next school year.

EFM has asked us to consider serving in Guatamela for the next school year while a new director is being trained. This is not a long term thing. We are filling an emergency situation. 

During our year in Guatemala, EFM will be exploring what is needed for us to go to Kenya for our first term.

After prayer, we are confident that this is God’s leading - we are beyond excited that we are getting to serve “while we wait” on God’s perfect timing for Kenya. We will get to work on an established field for a year before going to a brand new field. We will also be working along side a veteran missionary couple and that will be a huge blessing to us, as I’m sure we will learn a lot from them. 

So to sum it all up -

****We are still planning to go to Kenya as missionaries, Lord willing.**** 

While we are waiting, we will be filling an urgent need in Guatemela for a year.

Thank you all for standing by us and covering us with your love, prayers and support! YOU are a huge part of our ministry and we could not be making it without you!!!!

Our love to all of you,
Keith and Crystal

Matching Fund Update: 

We have been challenged to raise $130,000 by October 15 in order to receive $65,000 in matching funds from two donors.

We have gotten off to a late start because of our appeal letters going out later than planned, so we're really only about three weeks into the project as of September 10.

There's plenty of time for you to help us reach the goal by October 15, and we will appreciate all that you can do! Use the Donate button below to send your Matching Fund gift to EFM or send your offering to EFM at P. O. Box 609, Bedford, IN 47421.

Picture Updates from Kenya

Crystal and Esther in Kenya

Keith, Franklin, Barak, Anita and Nelson in Kenya

Marc, Melodie and Peter preaching a funeral in Kenya



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