EFM Missions: History


Evangelistic Faith Missions: A Century of Service to God and Man

January 1905 – Lewis & Viola Glenn depart for Egypt

1905 – Musod Surial becomes one of the first converts
He died in 1980 after faithfully serving the Lord for 75 years

1926 – Lewis & Viola Glenn return to the U.S. because
of Viola’s blindness, caused by unsanitary conditions

February 1941 – Victor Glenn becomes director following
his father’s death

1950 – New work opens in Eritrea

1951 – Orphanage opens in Eritrea
At the start of 2007 it was serving 161 children

1960 – A work that had begun in Guatemala about 1918
becomes part of EFM’s ministry

1964 – Glen and Nell Reiff move to El Salvador
to open a new missionary base in Central America

1966 – Eritreans living in Ethiopia open their homes for
services, which soon developed into an Ethiopian
mission work

January, 1968 – Leonard and Janet Sankey move from Guatemala
to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and open EFM’s
third Central American field

1971 – EFM joins forces with some churches in South Korea to
provide a conservative holiness voice in that land

1977 – EFM’s only South American field opens
in the country of Bolivia

August 1982 – J. B. “Juddie” Peyton is elected director
following Victor Glenn’s resignation

August 1994 – J. Stevan Manley is chosen as director after the
illness and resignation of Juddie Peyton

January 2001 – Friends of Missions merges with Evangelistic
Faith Missions

January 2001 – the mission work in the Dominican Republic,
begun in December 1981, becomes part of EFM
along with Friends of Missions

January 2001 – the field of Costa Rica, where missionaries
began laboring in 1982, also joins EFM
in company with Friends of Missions

May, 2002 – Christians from our church in San Juancito,
Guatemala, form a congregation in Trenton, NJ,
and begin a pattern of steady growth