EFM Missions: Missionaries: Ronald and Anna Smith - Retired

Ronald and Anna Smith - Retired

Ronald and Anna Smith  - Retired


Ronald: Nov. 19, 1940 in Hanover, PA

Anna: October 1, 1939, in Chambersburg, PA


Ronald: Aug. 12, 1956 in Hanover, PA when I was 15 years old. “That fall Victor Glenn, Irene Maurer, and Carrie Boyer were in our area for several missionary services and we attended all of them. Miss Maurer and Miss Boyer spent two nights in our home. In three of those services, the Spirit simply asked me a question, ‘Would you be willing to go to Africa?’ and I answered yes all three times. However, there was no indication that that is what God really wanted for my life.”

Anna: When I was six years old at the Roxbury Camp, Roxbury, PA, and called to be a missionary when I was 11 years old.


Ronald: Attended Messiah College (Grantham, PA), majoring in math the first year and changing the major the second year upon confirming God’s call to missionary work. Graduated in 1961.

Anna: Graduated from Messiah College in May 1963.


Dec. 16, 1961


Pastored the Holiness Christian Church in Cressona, PA, while finishing college and teaching in public school for a year in Myersville, PA

Sailed for Eritrea on July 12, 1963; spent 10 years in Decamere, Eritrea, teaching in the high school plus a one-year furlough.

Taught for four years at Penn View Bible Institute Academy

Worked at Montezuma Indian Schools in Cottonwood, AZ for 2 years.

Taught at Faith Bible School in Mitchell, SD for 8 years - Bible college teacher, academic dean for 7 1/2 years, and school president for 4 years. – then back to Montezuma Schools for three more years.

Received Master of Ministry degree in 1983 from Freedom University

Served another term of missionary labor in Eritrea, 1992-96.

Home in 1996, traveling since that time to represent the missionary work in Eritrea. Have made two visits to the field since coming home, but conditions in Eritrea have made our return for missionary work impossible.


Two sons and a daughter; one of the sons is active in missionary work.

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