EFM Missions: Missionaries: Steve and Kathy Hight - President

Steve and Kathy Hight - President

Steve and Kathy Hight - President

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Steven and Kathy Hight

Early life:  Steven was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.  His father was an Army veteran and self-employed   mechanic.  Steven has a brother and a sister.

     Kathy was born and raised in Rockwood, Tennessee.  Her father was a mechanic in a local hosiery mill and her mother a nursing secretary in the hospital.  Kathy has one brother.


Conversion:  Steven was saved when he was about eight years old in a revival meeting in a church in south Phoenix.  His mother, seeing that he was hesitant, went to the altar with him.

     Kathy was converted and baptized at the age of twelve in her home church.


Calling:  Steven’s call to missions developed over a period of time.  He first sensed that God was directing him this way in a missionary service when he was about nine years old.  When he was about thirteen his mother spoke in a youth service about serving the Lord, and God spoke to him again.  From that time on Steven followed God a step at a time, first to Guatemala, then to the Dominican Republic, and now to serve as president of EFM.

     Kathy does not have a personal call to ministry.  Her calling is found in the words, “whither thou goest, I will go,” and she has lived in three foreign countries as a result.


College:  Steven received a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Wesleyan Holiness Bible College in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1969.  He then earned a Bacherlor of Arts in History from William Jennings Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee, in 1971.  Steven earned a Master of Arts degree, with emphasis in Missions, from Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama, in 1991.

     Kathy was trained as a Registered Nurse, 1969-1972.

Ministry:  Steven and Kathy served two terms with EFM in Guatemala from 1972 to 1981.  After a four-year pastorate in Tennessee, they then worked with Friends of Missions in the Dominican Republic, 1986-1988.  Upon the death of Dr. Dale Yocum, director of FOM, Steven was appointed director of that mission, where he served for over thirteen years. In 2001 Steven became vice-president of EFM when Evangelistic Faith Missions and Friends of Missions were merged, and worked in the headquarters office through August 2009, when he became pastor of Faith Mission Church, Bedford, Indiana.  In January 2013 he was appointed to serve as president of EFM, and he returned to the headquarters office in April.

     Kathy has been a faithful coworker in every endeavor and an excellent mother to the children.  For many years she worked part-time as a Registered Nurse, retiring from that occupation in late 2012.


Children:  Steven and Kathy have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Contact:  Send an e-mail to the Hights  

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