EFM Missions: Missionaries: Eric and Rachelle Himelick

Eric and Rachelle Himelick

Eric and Rachelle Himelick


Eric: July 25, 1978, in Hartford City, IN

Rachelle: October 6, 1976 in Jackson, MS


Eric: “I was saved at the age of 5. I never remember a time that I did not want to serve God. My earliest memories were of memorizing Scripture and praying.”

Rachelle: “I was first saved at an early age, but I don’t remember exactly. It was while I was in high school at Independence Bible School in Kansas that I really became established spiritually.”


Eric: “When I was an early teen I felt like the Lord was calling me to preach. I did not know what all that might mean, but I was willing to follow God’s leading wherever it took me. While doing an internship in college, my eyes were opened to see the need in the cities. God used those experiences to lead me into urban work.”

Rachelle: “My calling has been primarily as a wife and mother. I feel that my main role is to support my husband and to raise our children for God.”


Eric: B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Union Bible College in Westfield, IN

Rachelle: Attended Union Bible College in Westfield, IN for two years.


Eric: College internship in inner-city St. Louis.

Rachelle: Participated in urban ministry while in college.


Kaylynn B. Himelick – Indianapolis, IN; May 28, 2001

Rebecca N. Himelick - Indianapolis, IN; February 21, 2003

Sarah J. Himelick - Indianapolis, IN; January 27, 2007

Samuel D. Himelick - Indianapolis, IN; December 16, 2008

Esther E. H. Himelick - Muncie, IN; April 6, 2012

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